Traceable Proof of Visit

Keep your vacant properties safe and sound

Can you prove that your employees, inspectors or contractors have visited vacant premises when they should have? Can you offer reliable and secure traceability to your stakeholders?

Current technologies including RFID can be cheated, but Dacfon Visit offers security and compliance through state-of-the-art electronics, military grade encryption and a world-class level of traceability.

As experts in secure and safety-critical electronic systems and software, Dacfon has created, what we believe to be, the most secure and lowest-cost proof of visit system available today.

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Low Cost Solution

Minimal investment with maximum results

Dacfon Visit gives you a market leading product at a highly competitive price. Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent. Pay per tag for a chosen duration, which includes access to our platform.

For as little as £2.00 per week per tag with no hidden extras, simply and easily install your tag to get started in minutes. No need to purchase any additional software or download a dedicated smartphone app.

The tags are maintenance-free with a service life of around ten years and a free end-of-life replacement option while the tag is still under contract.

Your peace of mind

Security at the front of everything

All of our systems, electronics and software are designed in-house here in the UK by a dedicated team of engineers with many decades of experience of secure and safety critical systems.

The security holes in current technologies have been closed by Dacfon Visit and, for your peace-of-mind, we use state-of-the-art data storage and retrieval technologies which are constantly reviewed and updated.

Data you need when you need it

Be in the know with each completed visit

Every visit records personnel, time and date, the high and low ambient temperature over the previous 24 hours, as well as letting you collect a number of customisable pieces of information, such as photos, videos, text, numbers and dates. These data are stored securely and is instantly retrievable through our easy to use portal.

Dacfon Visit portal is an online application that can be accessed using any modern web-browser. Invite any number of your colleagues to manage the visit data and control their access levels.

Automatic reports can then be generated using this information, which is easily shared with stakeholders.

Graphic of Dacfon Visit portal
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Technology making all of this possible

With a battery life of around ten years, our patent-pending and easy to fit tags are maintenance free and environmentally rugged. Every ten minutes the tag generates a unique military-grade encrypted QR-code that can be scanned by any smartphone with a camera, a web browser and internet access.

The QR code then expires after a few minutes so it can’t be stored and used at a later date away from the premises.

In addition, the health of the battery is read, which we monitor and automatically inform you when the tag is due for replacement, at which point, while you’re signed-up for our service, we’ll send you a new one.

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If you would like to know more about Dacfon Visit and how we can help your business deliver a secure state-of-the-art service, please get in touch.

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